Engineering, Architectural design, Safety, Training, Fire Prevention and Hydraulic Emergency

Siani Progetti is a technical services company, partner of public and private institutional entities, , which also operates in the industrial and commercial field. It also deals with training safety and fire prevention, for companies and also for public and private events.

The technical director is the engineer Giorgio Siani.

The company is based in Lecco, is domiciled in Chiasso (CH) and operates both in Italy and abroad.

Centro commerciale - Castello di Brianza (Lc)
Discoteca Ristorante Orsamaggiore (Lc)
Complesso residenziale - Lugano (Ch)
Complesso residenziale - Lecco (LC)
Vista notturna dall'alto, Polaris Studios, Carate Brianza (Mb)
Passeggiata a lago - Oliveto Lario (LC)
Green Golf Performance - Villa d'Este, Montorfano (Co)

About us

Giorgio Siani

The engineer Giorgio Siani has been working professionally since 1996 in Italy and abroad, for numerous entrepreneurial groups and public bodies, engaged in the various sectors of civil engineering.

He collaborates with the regional public investment assessment office. He has collaborated with the engineering department of building and urban planning system of the Politecnico di Milano and provides advice to numerous municipalities on urban planning, public works and emergency management. He chairs many landscape commissions for the Lombardy Municipalities.


His staff is a composite and dynamic work team of technicians with solid experience in design, architecture and engineering, training, hydraulics and fire prevention.

Siani Progetti works with high altitude shooting, using drones, rendering, photographic relays from above.

Civil and Industrial

Siani Progetti operates in the field of civil constructions, industrial and structural design. It operates in the urban field and follows, for its customers, interior design interventions, for the hospitality, residential and commercial sector. He deals with tax deduction practices, for energy improvement interventions and for structural improvement.

and Safety

Safety compliance, pursuant to legislative decree n.81/08. Corporate training and preparation of the risk assessment document, safety and coordination plan for building sites, determination of the specific risk.


Fire prevention and specific training of firefighters (medium risk and high risk). Issue of the fire prevention certificate (Cpi) pursuant to the D.p.r. 151/11.

The headquarters

The main operational headquarter in Lecco is spread over an open space office of about 300 square metres, equipped with all the technological equipment necessary for the development of technical services.

Siani Progetti is able to equip local operating units in the building sites, which, due their size and complexity, require a constant works direction that can report daily to the headquarters and to clients.

Our location


6830 – Corso San Gottardo, 25

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